Small Agricultural Services Small Holder Farmers - Top 5 Tips For Success

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Increased mobile technology is increasingly recognized as a key component of development efforts, and agricultural consulting and financial services have a tremendous impact on expanding farmers' access to smaller segments. Small holders are in need of agricultural products and services, with about 20% of the world's population dependent on agriculture. The majority of these farmers are avoiding problems with lack of access to important technical and market information, lack of better seeds and relevant production inputs, lack of sustainable financial services, etc. The adoption of a mobile phone among the farmers makes it more possible for agricultural service providers to target groups of consumers. Enables the potential impact of mobile agriculture services and products.

When it comes to providing mobile agriculture consulting services to rural small farmers in developing countries, it becomes very complicated. There are challenges to access mobile phones in small holder farmers and poor network coverage. After that, there is the challenge of achieving financial stability - which is like a touch and experience - while doing some work, while others are likely to try to accomplish what you have tried to achieve. Be harmed. It's like trying to catch a living fish with rare hands.

How does a service provider keep you? What is the best approach to bring a mobile phone to provide agriculture finance and consulting services? As a practitioner in the field of mobile technology for development, these are the questions I hear all the time. While there is certainly no blue print outlook, take a leg up in the field and stick to the top 5 helpful tips:

Think BIG - It's very easy to focus on the tree and notice the forest. It is time that the value of agriculture is seen by the various stakeholders in China leaving the small and independent instead of the big picture. The mobile agriculture landscape is jammed into various categories in the mobile, private and non-profit sectors. Each brings different value to the table. The "bundle" of consulting and financial services is the next big thing. Through different providers working together to provide smallholder farmers with the same suite of products and services, different actors not only have the opportunity to exploit each other's capabilities; but also solve their various problems. There is also the opportunity to. In addition, this may be the first step for a provider to grow their customer base by leveraging their customers' customers. For farmers, they benefit from a one-stop shop for finance and consulting needs. As a result, this could lead to increased access and potential drop in cost of services due to increased competition and transparency. A win for everyone.
Don't bother asking for help - the old adage, "Two heads are better than one" is never the same sometimes when it comes to mobile technology for agriculture. Yes, you may be the best mobile network operator, best software / applications developer, best extension worker, best NGO or the best donor in the world, but if you were two or three of you, your picture May be! Ask for help when you need it - Ask questions - It's OK to ask for help. Whether it's from the same organization or a partner organization or even giving advice that is possible to improve your program, product or service.
Experience, experience, experience - not the same fixed 'business model' when it comes to providing mobile enabled agricultural finance and information services targeting small acquisition farmers, providing them with To provide for, the provider must try different methods. Enables a thorough experience of their specific context. To achieve this, gain different perspectives of your comfort zone and experience. Make the most out of every failure. While the concept of trial and error is considered "waste" especially in the private sector, where there are centers at the bottom, there are ways to get around it. You may consider partnering with other actors, or consider engagement as part of corporate social responsibility. Finding external funds is another option.
A combination of methods - small holders embrace the traditional service delivery channels to the farmers and focus on mobile channels instead of 100%! Synchronize between different forces by combining them into your strategy. Don't abandon anyone for one. Continue to use radios, traditional extension workers, and even physical bricks and motor bodies in your efforts to keep up with mobile trends.

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