Many faces of agriculture

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Agriculture is an important activity for the survival of humans on this earth. It basically shows in the very basic fact that agriculture is one of humanity's oldest activities. The term 'agriculture' includes both the term crops and animal sustainability. As the deepest resource, agriculture provides food, clothing and shelter for us. With the spread of knowledge about the most advanced implementations, there has been much progress in agricultural production as well as agricultural promotion. The use of agricultural machinery, scientific methods of agriculture and the diversification of crops have improved the overall production of agricultural crops worldwide. The study of agriculture is important because it is divided into different types of agriculture, each with its own unique characteristic. These are the different types: -

I) Ship transfer - Also known as 'slash and burn' agriculture, this method of farming is important because it requires 'early' agriculture. Mostly practiced by tribal councils, this cultivation involves clearing forests for plant purposes. Generally, root crops like roots, cassia, yams, rice or corn are growing. ii) Extensive Agriculture - It is of the 'commercial' nature, important because of agricultural products, which are 'market oriented'. Mainly growing large quantities of food grains for sale. Most farms are highly mechanized. The major areas of agriculture in the world are widely known - 'Snap Land Russia', 'Canada' Canada and the United States, Argentina 'Pampas' and Australia's 'Dowse'.

iii) Planting farming - a 'manoculture' type of agriculture, a process of 'mastering' a crop in the larger States. This product is processed before the market, and it is quite a profitable project in the international market. The main crops are - cocoa, coffee, tea, rubber and dirt. iv) Mixed Agriculture - In this, crops are grown and shared with cattle, on 'moderate' large farms. The rest of the crops serve as animal fodder, and are used to fertilize the soil. The importance of this kind of agriculture is that farmers can earn their living by selling different types of products.

v) Truck Farming - This agricultural activity involves the harvest of vegetables off the market. Vegetables are provided in the trucks to the urban cities to meet the needs of the people living in cities and towns. It is mainly a wide variety of agriculture. Another important type of agriculture is 'gardening'. It is growing fruits and flowers! However, the basis of this type of crushing is in the efficient transport system. While all Mediterranean countries specialize in fruit harvesting, the Netherlands are known worldwide for beautiful tulip plants!

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