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A philosophy of approach to education offering of substances on the quality of life of logic, insight, and analysis to investigate. It is concerned about the search for the true truth, both applicable and additionally appropriate. There are five areas of its victim - Epistemology, metaphysics, teachers, ethics and history. The device used by the theory to expose the substance or find the truth is logical, both proportions are deducted as well. Instructional reasoning is part of general logic, in that it lifts the standard from epistemology. It defines points and the substance of the goals or directions, thus, the whole learning situation, the society, and who and what to come.

The theory of training depends on common standards of brain research, human science, legislative issues, financial aspects, history, science and religion. The Encyclopedia is a Wonder Wonder; it's static and additionally dynamic. The real remainder is dynamic or transient and modifies learning, social structure and human development with change and development, while the modest but integral part is static or endless. We suggest that the application and description of these substances is a remarkable dynamic, while the training substance is non-dependent. We expect a multi-disciplinary approach to training material. The exam meets the needs of people, society, and time and trains social, social, and professional perspectives.

Instructions can be formal and casual. Formal instruction is given in schools or schools or colleges, then casual training is received and appreciated by society and the state. Training, formal and casual, are made part of one's identity through reflection and experience. This means that we are students throughout our lives. As it is, we will break the rationality (points and points) of formal instruction. In addition, the instructions have three dimensions - mandatory, optional, and more. Mandatory instruction organizes children ages 3 to 11, optional training covers youth ages 12 to 18, and advanced education shapes young students over the age of 18. A specific method is required for each dimension of instruction.

Network to network training material. Unlike some ideological societies in mainstream mainstream society, there will be an alternative approach towards substance. In addition, the description or use of substances will be diverse in different social orders. Our test is theoretical and mostly dependent on the training of Islamic ideology. the words

The Latin word is "directed" from the word Educareum, Educatum, or Educere. Intends to develop and maintain the purpose of teaching and learning, while intending to study. The latter suggests that the instruction is something external; to be compelled or forced outward, it means that the outside state assumes an important function in the learning process. The development of the ultimate demonstration from the inside; this means that the internal possibilities of an individual are final in the learning process; Naturalists / experts put more importance within the learning process minus, while social planets put real weight on requests outside of the instructor process. We expected a blended and adjusted approach toward the function and significance of the external condition within the learning process. Definition

Aristotle played a very important role in training the production of voice personality in a particular body, according to which, the point and direction of the target is to create the greatest and highest populations. Ibn Khaldun, in the fourth century, speaks of the theory that instruction involves the preparation of knowledge, social and good through which prospects are created, character traits are constructed, and the culture of the general population Reaches ages. In the twentieth century, specialty training was carried out in the words: "Counterfeit is an instruction to survive through extraordinary recreation. Each person has the development of boundaries that allow him to control his own situation. And will satisfy its satisfaction. Results. "

Points and Objectives - Islamic view Islam is divine religion. It depends on the book, the Quran, and the institution of the Prophet, Hadith. The first duty and utmost motivation behind the prophets and clear books is to teach man to live a good, troubled, and honest life. He always identifies it with reason, intends to make sense of it, and deliberately presents a matter of life. Along these lines, the plants

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