Sustainable Agriculture and Organic Farming in Northern Thailand, Ma Thi, Chang Mai

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Sustainable agriculture and organic farming are an alternative way to preserve life, culture and preserve nature in northern life. A ii-aek-aekkk ... The Thai language of roosters blew me off with my warm, comfortable ass. I can lean into the sun's beams through the walls and under the wooden door. I can feel the white, white fog of Thailand Hydels in the morning while my host mom prepares vegetables for sale in the market.

"You're feeling sleepy. Why don't you go to your bed and sleep until now?", Ma Ratri asked softly. In this example mother means 'mother' and she is the way to address the host mother of the fly. For about 2 weeks I was very blessed to have Mae Ratri Kruengngern as the mother of my friction. Mai Ratri and her family are a rural farming family in Mae Tha, an idyllic green village in northern Thailand. I was part of a group of university students who study sustainable agriculture and were invited to offer extra sleep, so I was excited to continue my second day of learning. Mai Thah Chang is a small community of maize-ons in the sub-district of Mai, located in the middle of the mountains of Lamun Province. Most of the population speak "Yong" or Thai.

The Mai Thi villagers got a living using organic and sustainable methods of planting rice and wrestling local vegetables. Phat or Pur Phat is a village leader wearing his light blue cotton shirt, traditional style pants and flap flap dresses, which for the first time introduced a biological cultivation and sustainable way for people in Mai Thi. The process of transitioning from chemical to organic to beekeeping escaped effectively because there was good support from the community's villagers.

"I dare say that our families have a moment and a loved one. Our past generations live here. We are all related and its support is the strength of the community." Most mornings people will pull out their farms, but if it's time to harvest, they will volunteer to help others from farm to farm.

The most inspiring thing about agriculture and living in Mae Tha is knowing how to give and get. You will always be there when you need it and when you feel you can help others. It is a beautiful and endless circle of support that people in Mai Thau adopted from their ancestors and went through generations. Every Wednesday and Sunday, a group of soil rotarians and villagers Chung Mai - 2-3 to produce every green, fresh, and chemical-free vegetable to sell in organic restaurants at JG Market and Nang Hoa Market Will wake up.

Organic food sales are established by the Institute for Sustainable Agricultural Communities or ISAA, an organization that aims to build and support a sustainable agricultural community in Chang Mai. The sun shines more lightly because it is a big truck coming in and picks up both produce and sellers to travel the market. "Our first concern is the high priority on home consumption," said one of the ISAC committee members. He added that "the purpose of the organic market is to promote the product through natural processes with no use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, including processing and marketing." The number of users of organic food is increasing due to health concerns and increasing focus on agricultural sustainability.

The people who buy organic vegetables in the market are smiling, praising healthy, safe foods and getting reasonable prices. The increasing demand and appreciation for quality is the challenge that the community of organic and sustainable agriculture can readily accept. "Organic farming is the biggest idea for consumers and farmers. We both want clean and safe food for our health," said Mrs. Wapha Tachi, a fan of organic food.

Mai Ratri changed her face to Mrs Wappa and she gave him a nod. "And it seems that we are both farmers and consumers alike. They will pay a fair price for the good quality of fresh vegetables, while we can provide them with healthy food as well." Mae Ratri added that she felt it was a kind of merit. Because they and the people in the village safely produce safe organic food for consumers who introduce harmful chemicals.

The sunlight is strengthened and its position at the top of your head shows that it is lunch time and you have to return home. We were all gathered around and had lunch together. The food terms of Mai Ratri and her friends are a common thing as it shows the easy and close relationship of the people in Mae Tha. After eating, people were ready to go back home and get ready to work on their farms. We planted, plugged, with water, pulled the grass, and ate the soil with our hands. The work was over, but as the vegetables grew, each lack of sweat would change.

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