Global Warming - Makes Dry and Chinese Imports "Experience in Agriculture" for Colorado

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There is a person on earth who is in the challenge of God, if they are the most dangerous people, then the vessel that produces sustainable and generous directors. It knows that in which those people live it is in complete danger that no one else will. "Thomas Jefferson, 1789 Athens Agriculture

According to the "History of Agriculture in Colorado" book, Colorado's first agricultural houses used to break the clay, were made of wood for its high strength. Piñon was the life of our agricultural community, and compared to a few early search parties in both Spanish and American Rockies, the hunger was saved by Pinion and its nuts. The settlement of the humans of Perennial, Pynon Nut and Colorado is a history that is marked in the Beckmaker culture under the Pisco classical system. The Pion ecosystem has for centuries been a cultural, spiritual, economic, aesthetic and medicinal value of Native Americans and continues to be widely studied in its past and present zone (s). Among ethnologists and experts, it is agreed that the first human home in Colorado provides a winter protein source as a result of the ponon nut.

Agriculture in the Middle East kills Western agriculture

Currently, more than 80 percent of the $ 49 million in pine nuts used in the US market has no benefit with Westerners. "We have thousands of American households who buy and eat pine nuts - not aware of their true Chinese origin". Pine nuts (pine nuts) also provide an important source of protein levels that is higher than pankin and walnuts - in significant quantities of vitamin A, riboflavin, thiamine and neonine - "in the nut world There is no diet ". In addition, the pine trees naturally act as the "great carbon sink" for the planet by removing carbon. "

The project involves 'experimental dryland agriculture' in the creation of a pine nut tree improvement program. The nut pine tree improvement program can include four important steps: 1) selection of high trees - ("pulse tree") - from natural standing; 2) the graphing of these improved pulse trees is genetically improved. 3) In addition to the production of seeds (nuts), 3) Examine the field of trees to identify the best trees and improve the garden seeds (cones and nut sizes) by removing the shrubs; Improved tree growth through improved tree interbreeding and still better species development. It is known that pine nut crop size strongly affects, and pests and health are important. For example, the activity of the tip worm has prevented the production of pinane cones, as does the dry season and high temps, without the genetics of the tree. And the size of the tree, the ability of the cone crop to be significantly influenced by the deciduous soil type, climate, insect history, competition, and more. There are many factors that influence the 'phenotype' you see. To determine the characteristics of a tree's 'genotype' is to grow offspring from its seeds in a racism test.

Ardal zone agriculture as it pertains to Piñon pine "as Research and Development, Ardal zone agriculture, or desert agriculture area, lack of freshwater, heat and sunlight, and generally a Or include studies about increased agricultural production of more dominated winter or winter, colder rainy season, saline soil or water, stronger dry winds, poor soil texture, more grease, limited technical development, Poverty ... "Wikipedia ... There are two basic approaches to the solution o To overcome negative barriers to the given environmental and socioeconomic characteristics o Their potential resources Look for potential uses to visualize the future - Colorado Pion Nut Gardens?

Looking to the future, it is possible to see the growing number of farmers and landowners in the southwest, possibly as a "pine nut gardens" managing the benefits of managing their own non-profit Mid Pine Woodlands. Is. Developed breeding, tree and tree planting methods - already in use to improve crop yields on pike, vault, and apple orchards - can already be applied to an economic advantage in a Pune nut garden. "A farmer can build a transplant or seed seed or increase the yield of pound trees already in the country," said Alan Peterson. And Piñon sells for over $ 15 a pound with nuts - it really does offer a new one: 

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