Agriculture is not all about money

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I want to clear up a few things and challenge readers' thinking on concerns and commentary on agriculture, and nothing more than the economy-making sector. I have noted several comments about this in several sites, not to mention articles that claim that "farmers only have to grow their animals / crops because they are looking for profit." I would never ask him why and not yet one of those comments.

Why is it that people think and believe that farms and boats are just money-making businesses, or that farmers like me (I prefer to call the producers) just like cattle and livestock only benefit from them? Want to pick up ?? Besides, the fact that growing crops and growing livestock have such negatives and intensities around it, is not to feed them to make money? I do not get it, coming from a plant background background. I throw a lot out for people for this reason and don't expect everyone to take this as a fact. Producers in North America are focusing on making money, not food, but ...

The problem is that this is only a partial fact. And what does not make much sense, especially those who have been removed from the farm by far, is that most, if not all, of agricultural institutions, are far less than profitable. Yes, the thing that our producers end up with is pocket money, because we do farm farms as a business (other than the hobby of citizens), but the money we get Whether they are grossly profitable or not. Not revenue, net profit or just simple profit. To say that people eat or eat farmers to make a profit. It is also a model of ignorance and misunderstanding about knowledge, because more people think about it.

When a producer calculates a profit, he can never know that he only makes money from the check he sells with cereal or livestock. Often they think they get it, whether it's gross profit or income. Net profit is determined when their expenses go through the operation of the farm, depending on the income they sell. Earnings will never be confused with profits, because revenue really gets the money that goes into the business after selling any product, excluding costs. Profit or net profit, however, is the money after which the gross profit is deducted from the rest. If no income is left after all expenses are deducted, this is called net loss.

The average farm costs are mainly fertilizer, fuel and feed. Fuel and fertilizers are the largest value of a farm, with costs such as more than $ 5,000 per thousand per year. Most farms in North America are not fond that farms are over 100 acres in size. So overall costs can be more than $ 500,000 per year. It is not common for farm incomes to increase this quantity. If this happens, it's not too much, just enough to break. Despite these figures, the fire and the storm in the media and non-agricultural people are still about to be created.

Farming in North America is truly a business and such a "money-making" project. This is definitely not poor agriculture because in order to grow the crops and growers, they do not have to feed themselves and their families, but they have to feed others who will not be able to grow crops or grow their own. You cannot feed them. Instead it is known as "commercial" agriculture and as a result, there is a business like enterprises that focus on grain, milk, meat, wool, eggs, fruits and vegetables as the end product. Do not pay attention. So why does it seem that people think that agriculture should not work like any other business, or make money.

And are there other reasons why people might accuse people who can just "do it for the money"? Answer: Misunderstanding can be part of the problem. It must be. In Canada, about 95% of our population who have yet to be removed from agriculture have never seen a cow, horse, pig, chicken, goat, sheep, or donkey in real life and face difficulties. Falls. Goes to make a farm tank. These are the people who are easily misled by extremists and the media, who have accused some of the people who misuse and mistreat their animals, and believe that this is happening all over the country. General Chat Chat Lounge This is no different south of the border where 98% of the population is citizen and / or has no farm experience.

I've been taught by close family and friends that there are people out there to find you. And he does not restrict all the suburbs that are constantly focusing on criminals roaming their homes and stealing their jewelry, which is a major problem for farmers who are constantly bureaucratic, politically correct. , Disney-size BS that comes from the media, 

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